Hormones are everywhere and control virtually every facet of our bodies. They are the chemical communication system between the cells. Thinking, digestion, blood sugar, weight, muscles, bones, fluid balance, even moods and personality are governed by hormones. Every cell in your body has a receptor site for each hormone your body makes. Hormones communicate with the brain in the hippocampus to adjust the autonomic system (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing) and all the other systems too (skin, digestive, circulatory, muscles, nervous, lymph, respiratory and  skeleton). This is what keeps you healthy. 

Hormones are manufactured by the endocrine system. Endocrine glands are located in your adrenals (which produce adrenaline and cortisol), pancreas (producing insulin and glucagon), intestine (digestive bile is received from the pancreas), liver (converts and breaks down hormones), kidneys (also converts hormones), thymus (immune hormones), and the brain. Let's not forget ovaries and testes, our sex hormone producing glands. 

The brain is especially interesting when it comes to hormones. Not only do parts of the brain manufacture hormones (pituitary gland and pineal gland), but it also monitors their activity in the blood stream and controls the release of "pre-hormones" called releasing factors that induce other glands to make their hormones like Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) or Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH).

There are many more hormones than we know and many have yet to be discovered. 

The power of hormones is incredible. As an example, look at what pregnancy does to a woman's body. The hormones are in complete control and make massive changes during pregnancy. Many women understand when there is a problem with their hormones because they've experienced the changes in their life. 

The older you are, the fewer hormones you make, and your body struggles to keep up. This is the reason why menopause/andropause or unbalanced hormones are so difficult to cope with. It doesn't matter what age you are; if your hormones are unbalanced, you will have a certain set of symptoms that come along with the imbalance. 

Hormones are inter-related with each other. When one hormone is deficient, then this can affect the proportion of the other hormones. Many hormones have feedback mechanisms so that if one is up, then another is down. Estrogen and progesterone work more efficiently when balanced. Similar classes of hormones can share protein carriers in the bloodstream so abnormal amounts of one hormone can affect the protein binding of another. 

When you start supplementing one hormone, you frequently will need another hormone as well because of their interaction. To only supplement one hormone is rare. It is not  unusual to start with progesterone and then supplement with some estrogen and then maybe testosterone once progesterone and estrogen levels are balanced. Supplementing hormones to create hormone balance can happen quickly or it can happen slowly, it just depends on your body. 

So what are the major hormones that we deal with? 1. Progesterone (prescribe and educate) 2. Estrogen (prescribe and educate) 3. Testosterone (prescribe and educate) 4. Adrenal hormones - cortisol, DHEA, pregnenolone (prescribe {except cortisol} and educate) 5. Growth hormone (educate) 6. Vitamin D (educate and prescribe) 7. Thyroid (educate)

is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology and employs the traditional manipulative techniques of effleurage, pettrisage, vibration, friction, and tapotement. The Swedish system also employs movement that can be slow and gentle, vigorous or bracing, according to the results the practitioner wishes to achieve.

Refers to a method of massage especially designed to prepare an athlete for an upcoming event and to aid in the body's regenerative and restorative capacities following a rigorous workout or competition.

Can be very beneficial in promoting relaxation, soothing nerves, and relieving strained back and le~ massage tends to instill a feeling of well-being to both mother and unborn child. Will help with sciai the extra hormones being released during pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps the round and broad during pregnancy. Round ligaments attach at the pubic symphysis and the top of the uterus. Many feel increased pressure and pain in the pubic area as the uterus increase in size to allow the fetus 1 grow. The broad ligament attaches at the sacral area of the low back and the sides of uterus. As th into the pelvis, this ligament experiences more pressure and causes increased pain in the lower bal help to decrease the pain of these two ligaments as well as other pains; releases feel-good transmitters endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin; increases a sense of well-being.

Stimulates the myelin sheathing on nerves for babies and bonding with mother. Touch can change the way the body functions. Bodily responses from being touched can lower blood pressure, improves digestion, slows breathing, and most generally can make a baby feel more relaxed and at ease. Increased touch can help a baby to grow up healthier and do better in school.

Is the art and science of stimulating the body's own healing forces by locating and stimulating certain points on the hands and feet that affect organs or functions in distant parts of the body. This is a form of compression massage and is  based on the principle that reflex points in the hands and feet are related to every organ in the body.

We also offer foot care, with foot massage or without, for those with impaired mobility, diabetes massage for circulatory problems, or other conditions that interfere with the ability to care for one's own feet. Foot treatment includes exfoliation of calluses and nail trimming.

Some of the summaries can be found in Theory and Practice of Therapeutic Massage written by: Mark F. Beck (Author)

One hour massage or 
office visit $90.00

Half-hour massage or 
office visit $70.00

One hour and a half massage or office visit $130.00

One hour 5-pack  $425.00

Half-hour 5-pack  $325.00

Spa Foot Care  $65.00

Toe Nail Trim  $55.00

Saliva Testing and Counseling $325.00

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 Asseses and treats injuries, ailments, and syndromes. Some examples would be spinal disc pathology, spinal strains and sprains, sciatic nerve pain, muscular nerve impingement, shoulder pain (Rotator Cuff), and fibromyalgia. The goal is to regain, improve, and maintain the function of the body.

Scar Tissue Work for:
Burns (fire or radiation)
Soft tissue injury

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CLINICAL MASSAGE vs. THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE: Therapeutic Massage is just using massage techniques that are therapeutic in nature for an injury, decreased function, or pain. Where as Clinical Massage is making an assessment of the injury, decreased function, or pain to determine what nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are involved to provide specific techniques to condition, restore and increase function. 
 At Danielson and Associates, PA, we offer a Saliva Hormone Testing kit and Counseling for $300.00

This includes test for: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA and morning cortisol. You receive a full report on your hormones and calculates your Progesterone: Estrogen (P:E) ratio as well as an analysis of your hormone levels and how they relate to your reported symptoms. 

The cost of the test also includes a 60 to 90 minute consultation with Paulette Danielson, RN, and 3 follow up telephone calls to get your hormones adjusted. 

There is an initial fee for the prescription of $65.00 and any new prescription in $30.00 plus your office visit. Further office visits with Paulette cost $65.00 for a half hour visit of $85.00 for an hour visit. 

Ann Socolofsky, MD, is the attending physician for Paulette. 
Prescriptions vary in price. Paulette can explain pricing for prescriptions
P  R  I  C  E
 Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and 
Clinical Massage Services offered at 
Danielson and Associates, PA includes:

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In the past forty years, David Zava, Phd. has researched 
and studied hormones. 
Paulette Danielson, RN, NCTMB, utilizes ZRT lab 
for hormone testing.